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Full Moon

A heavenly body that glows and glistens during the quietest time of night. The moon, and more specifically, the lunar phases, are powerful entities. Some would even say it’s a...

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It’s Time To Change The Narrative

One week ago, we celebrated International Women’s Day around the world. We took to our social media and praised the inspiring women that have shaped our lives for the better....

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How To Clean Your Knives

You would think with anything knife related, cleaning it would come easy to any beginner. But many new knife carriers tend to find themselves in a rust of trouble after...

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Self Defense That Suits You

When deciding whether or not to choose a fixed blade, folding blade, throwing knife, or even baton,you want to be as practical and cautious with your decision, as the style...

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Car Safety Tips

It’s a sad thing to have to write on such topics, but let’s face it, the world is just not safe.  There are so many horrifying stories of assault and...

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Higher Standards and Less Fuckboys

“It’s not you, it’s me...I have higher standards now.” Fuckboys can fuck off.  Those days of tolerating fuckboys, fuckgirls, or any human with hella fuckery over over. The ones who leave you...

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How to Stop Giving A Fuck

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant need to impress those around you? Not to worry, the secrets to living your fuck free life are here to help.

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